Prograssfloor  quickly and effectively combines the functionality and strength of industrial concrete floors with aesthetics.

It is a silicate-based surface treatment system that allows the sealing of the concrete, ensuring a high impermeability, glazed and shiny surface.

A tested system in many countries, where it has been applied for decades and with excellent results.

Application areas     
- Industrial floors
- Logistic warehouses
- Workshops and garages
- Agri-food and agricultural industry
- Loading platforms
- Enclosures for mechanical equipment


1. Glassy appearance floor

2. Avoids staining

3. Increases resistance to scratches

4. Prevents the appearance of dust


1. Greater resistance to abrasion and shock

2. Increased chemical resistance of concrete

3. Increased surface density of the floor


1. Quick application on site

2. Quick start-up

3. Facilitates cleaning

4. Increases impermeability

A versatile option 

Resistance, savings and ease of maintenance, combined with a sophisticated finish, are characteristics that lead more and more customers not only to choose the Proglassfloor solution in entirely new floors, but also to renovate existing floors through this system of excellence.

A sustainable solution

The surface treatment with the Proglassfloor system meets the most demanding requirements within the scope of good practices in sustainable construction and building certification, LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It provides resource and means savings, providing excellent durability and low maintenance, which translates into energy and material savings, as well as waste reduction.

Resource savings 

A finished concrete floor eliminates the need to apply ceramic tiles, stone, wood, among others, allowing to lower the carbon footprint. 

Energy saving

In summer, the slab in contact with the ground takes on natural cooling characteristics, from the outside to the inside of the building.

In winter, if the building's design favors sun exposure, it will absorb radiant heat, subsequently releasing it during the night, providing a higher and more uniform inside temperature, both examples of the thermal mass capacity inherent to concrete.

Another economical aspect of concrete with the Proglassfloor system is lighting. The glassy finish and reflectivity properties of the Proglassfloor system allow sunlight to reflect more deeply and make the space brighter, naturally lit, lowering energy costs by reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Reduced maintenance  

The Proglassfloor system has reduced maintenance and simple cleaning, just using a microfiber mop or an industrial washer with padded discs and non-abrasive detergents to obtain an excellent result.